About Emily Claire -

Born and raised in Washington state, I am a self taught American animal artist. From quite a young age I've always been enamored with creating things. My Mom always made sure to have a pen and paper on hand should I find an idle moment. I was gifted my first set of Derwent charcoal pencils at around age 10. I often found myself sneaking up on sleeping kitties for a life-sized reference! After that, quite a few summers were spent with a sketchbook on my back.

In 2018 one of my best friends gifted me a small Prismacolor colored pencil set. I ended up trying it out and I adored them! They were a step towards professional and I could tell! It felt fun and exciting to draw again given this new media. Due to that, I had decided to start diving further into the art world and immersed myself in artist spaces on Instagram and Facebook.  After all there is the old adage "If you are the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room". I did manage to find helpful spaces where professional artists gathered. I studied intently in every ounce of my free time!

In February 2020 I stumbled across a sketch of my dog from almost a year before while preparing to spring clean. I finally received the spark of inspiration I needed to dive into a new project. With the knowledge that I had gained from my studies fueling my confidence I decided to do a re-draw. I was overwhelmingly pleased with the result. It was well received and  the support lit a fire in my heart!

When March rolled around the coronavirus was in full swing and we were locked down. We as a species suffered together. Trying to keep myself sane and encouraged by my boyfriend, I dove into my artwork. I took art lessons and I studied in all my free time. I was lucky to see tremendous growth in my art that I am infinitely grateful for.  I now get to share the fruits of my hard work with others by creating things that bring lasting joy and happiness!